How Did You Feel When They Said ‘You Have Cancer?’

I remember the moment so well; it is a time that anyone who has been touched by cancer will remember, even if at the time their minds are clouded and the fateful word didn’t actually register.

I was sitting there in the consultant’s office, my husband had come along for moral support, and we were both anxious.  Before Mr Scott-Coombes opened his mouth to give me the diagnosis, I still held on to the hope that everything was going to be alright.

But very soon my world came crashing down and my hope broken. “I’m sorry Mrs Grant but the results of the biopsy was not very good.” I noticed he couldn’t look at me directly. There was no eye to eye contact, he was hesitatant and cleared his throat before I heard real words “(cough) erm was not very good. They showed that the lump in your right breast is indeed cancerous. I’m so sorry.” The silence was deafening. I looked at Courtney (my husband) with a fixed, wide eyed look and he looked at me shocked, in disbelief. Still no words had been spoken.

The tears trickled down my facte as it sunk in that I was going to die.  In fact in my mind I was dead already. The tears turned into a whimper and then to a full scale weeping. Courtney gripped my hands with a squeeze that silently spoke “I feel your pain, what are we going to do?”

The consultant began talking again but I do not remember a word he said after telling me the lump was cancerous. Although it seemed like I was in his office for an eternity in reality it was about 20 minutes. I do remember his parting words though “I’ll see you in two weeks’ time for the lumpectomy”

‘I’m a breast cancer survivor of 12 years’


Please share your stories and how you dealt with being told ‘You have cancer’


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