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What is Breast Cancer?

A Definition of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant, canceorous tumor that lives in breast tissue. The malignant tumor starts to grow in the cells of the breast. As the cells of the tumor grows it can break through the breast tissue, invade the surrounding breast tissue and spread to other parts of the body.

Breast cancer is more likely to be found in women and is classed as the second most common cancer that causes death amongst them.  In the USA it is estimated that 1 in 8 women has breast cancer and 200,000 are diagnosed each year. But it is not only women who get breast cancer, men are affected too. Every year approximately 2000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer, and the numbers are rising.

The Importance of Breast Cancer Awareness

Regardless of age (18+over) shape and size it is important that all women are breast cancer aware. As mentioned above breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the USA that causes death, so it’s important to take care of  breasts.
Being breast aware is part of looking after your body. It means you get to know how your breasts look and feel, which enables you to know what is normal for you. This can empower you and give you confidence to notice any unusual changes.
However, so as not to stress you unnecessarily, you should bear in mind that not all lumps or changes you notice will turn out to be breast cancer, but if it is cancer, the earlier you get it diagnosed the more effective any treatment will be.

As men also get breast cancer  they need to be breast aware too.


Touch – Look – Check

No one knows your body better than you so you should touch, look and check your breasts regularly. There are no special techniques but it is recommended that you follow the 5 point breast plan, which can be done when you are having a shower or getting dressed.  You can carry out an examination standing up or lying down, it’s up to you.  Whatever way you choose the important thing is to make sure you know how your breasts look and feel normally, so that you can notice any changes.

Tip: Check the whole area of the breast including your upper chest and under your arms right in the pits.


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